Bartering with Bourbon for Food, Shelter and Activities!

#BourbonBarter with Adam Carolla

Bartering anywhere can be challenging for most people, but mix liquor into the equation and holy bourboun shots Batman, it can be outright scary!  None of that will stop the Podcast legend Adam Carollafrom taking on the challenge.  Adam will barter across the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for 3 Days (September 20th-23rd) and end up at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.  This means bartering for food, shelter and who knows what else will be traded in what I’m sure will be 3 days of fun, creative thinking and drunken madness.

This will all be recorded and will be available on Spirits Network for members and the show will be properly titled “No Cash, Just Bourbon”  If you’re in Kentucky use the hashtag #bourbonbarter to barter with Adam while he’s on the trail.

Spirits Network

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