Barter Around The World

Over 60 Countries Participating In Barter Week

Want to get away? This years Barter Week is back and expanding to over 60 countries and 500 properties.  So, if you’re considering traveling then bartering your skills for accommodations can be an answer to your prayers. 

Barter Week Expands

Travelers can stay at accommodations around the world without paying a penny for the first time thanks to the new global Barter Week program.

Expanding from the original Barter Week in Italy, “Settimana del Baratto,” the new incentive is opening the program, which allows travelers to stay at locations for free in exchange for goods and services, to countries around the world.

Currently, there are close to 500 properties located across some 60 countries, ranging from European stops like Greece and Belgium to stops in South America, the U.S., Asia, and more.

While bed and breakfasts are one type of accommodation found through the program, travelers can also find stays in hotels, vacation homes, hostels, nature lodges, and even 17th-century farmhouses.

Each location listed on the Barter Week website includes photos, a description of the space, reviews and maps of each location. Some accommodations also have a set of “barter wishes,” listing what types of goods and services they are interested in.

So , if you’re considering traveling check Barter Week and put your bartering to the test.

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