Leave Your Home And Barter In Europe!

TEAM K.A.T - Can You Make it 2018 Challenge

Team KAT is now in Europe participating “Red Bull Can You Make It 2018 Challenge”. They are the ONLY TEAM from Malaysia who get the chance to participate in the Red Bull Challenge in Europe. The trio in Team KAT are Aiman Ansari bin Mohd Hamiza (from left), a bachelor of business (Hons) in marketing student, Batrisyia binti Haji Ismail, a bachelor of business (Hons) with law student, and their friend Syed Abdul Kabir in Syed Ahmad, an aircraft engineering student from APR Training Centre.

The Challenge will take place from the 10th to 17th April with over 200 participants from 65 countries competing their 1000 km journey in Sweden. Without using any money, credit cards or phones, participants will need to use the canned drink of the brand as bartering goods in lobbying for food, accommodation and transport throughout their missions heading to the finishing line at Amsterdam, Netherland. The grand prize winners will win a one-year-holiday package to their favourite destinations.

The team needs social points to win the challenge. Please support the team and help to Like/ Share / Comment (and for those on Twitter, to retweet) all our posts, each interaction contributes One Point to our total score!

Team Kat

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