How to Turn Barter into Cash!

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Converting barter dollars into cash…

In this episode we explore one of our most requested topics “How To Turn Barter Into Cash” or “How To Cash Convert Barter Dollars”.  Cash flow is one of a companies most valuable asset and what better way to improve it then by leveraging barter or trade.

By understanding your margins and your true cost to trade, you’ll learn how to make cash converting barter opportunities work for you and your business.

*****Video Regarding Margins Is Featured Below*****

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is cash converting
  • What’s the difference between cash converting as a business and cash converting as a business opportunity
  • How cash converting your barter dollars can save you money and increase the cash-flow in your business
  • How to leverage your inventory or services to increase your purchasing power
  • The best ways to turn your barter dollars into cash
  • Why knowing your margins is so important when bartering
  • Why having a haves and wants list is vital to creating your barter strategy

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