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Is Bartering For The Rich Or The Poor ….

How do you view bartering? In today’s episode, we continue our discussion on the topic is “Bartering for Poor People.” 

Some people relate bartering to the pesky haggler or TV shows like the Barter Kings. Depending on what your view of bartering is, your opinion may vary. But you may be surprised that bartering is also related to commercial real estate, islands, luxury living, and huge country trade deals. 

So, is bartering for the rich or the poor join us as we tackle this debate, our answers may surprise you.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • Is bartering for the rich or the poor
  • Why people who use cash instead of bartering are paying more
  • How to use your excess inventory and services to increase profits and save money
  • How rich people look at people who barter
  • Why people choose not to barter

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