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ITEX Barter Canada Teams Up With Ontario Business Leaders

Win Over 11K in Barter Dollars from ITEX Barter Canada

ITEX Barter Canada has teamed up with Ontario Entertainment and local business leaders in a C$11,497 ITEX Barter Dollars Contest.

The idea for the contest is to get local Ontario business owners to help promote the concept and benefits of barter. In addition, ITEX is going to match that donation by selecting a charity to receive C$11,497 in ITEX credit to use any way they want!

“We could have spent this money on advertising, sponsored an event, and maybe even sponsored a cake bakeoff but we thought the most effective way to help an Ontario-based business was by simply giving the money away to a business that needs it most,” says Michael Muzzin, President of ITEX Barter Canada

How To Win

To win, all they have to do is visit the ITEX Facebook site and fill out a short questionnaire about how your business is going to use this money – how will C$11,497 help their business?

ITEX has assembled three top Ontario business leaders and entertainers to evaluate the various entries and pick the winning business. The three celebrity judges are:

  • Humble Howard Glassman from the Humble and Fred Show on Sirius XM
  • Ky Joseph, Executive Vice President of Sales, from Evanov Radio Group
  • Carlo Parentela from Chateau Le Jardin Event Venue and Apres Noir Dinner and Concert Series.

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The winner can use the C$11,497 in business barter credit for anything offered by any ITEX barter member, anywhere in Ontario, anywhere in Canada, or even anywhere in North America!

About ITEX

With over 30 years of collective experience, ITEX is the leading marketplace for B2B barter transactions in Canada and the United States. ITEX has helped thousands of businesses, large and small, generate new sales, conserve precious cash flow and increase profits.

ITEX Corporation is based in Bellevue, Washington, and processes more than $140 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) across thousands of member businesses in Canada and the United States.

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