Is Bartering for Poor People

Is Bartering For Poor People?

Is Bartering for poor people or should it be in your Toolbox? 

Many people look at bartering as something they did as children like trading my soda for your cookies. Others are using it on another level to accomplish some pretty amazing things. I’ve heard and read stories about islands and commercial real estate deals of all sizes being bartered or traded and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! But if bartering is so great why don’t most people do it on a regular?

This Is Why Most People Don’t Barter

One of the biggest reason people don’t think barter first (which you should always do) is that people associate it with being poor or the pesky haggler or even the flea market fashion diva, nothing against anyone who may be one of the above…

Others think it’s just too complicated or time-consuming. For example, I have a car, and you have a watch…my car is worth a whole lot more than your watch buddy (depends on the watch right?) but let’s say the car is worth more, how do we make this deal work? Like what else do I get besides the watch…hmm. So, now we have to think and out pops the Debit card, cash or whatever currency is super easy to make up the difference.

For the record, poor people DO BARTER and so do the Rich and Wealth and even those in between. People are turned off to the idea of bartering because it isn’t the social norm, spending cash and using credit cards is.

Some people can’t handle the thought of rejection. Like will you trade your newer boat for my older car? Well, h@(*&$@ no! And the idea of trying to figure out what someone will take or won’t take could be a little overwhelming or intimidating. So its just not worth the effort, especially when cash is easier….Right?

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I’ll work overtime, sell more products, perform more services, sell my stuff or wait? Then I’ll buy the same item I’d like to barter for because I don’t have to think. Poor people have a lot of time and don’t mind rejection and all of the things mentioned above, that’s why they do it, they don’t have a choice. Well, then why do governments, billionaires, millionaires, thousandaires even hundredaires do it? Cause it flat out makes sense!

Bartering Is A Mindset for…

If you look at some of the biggest deals in history, they were good old fashioned trade deals. From oil, weapons, land, wheat, technology, and intelligence. All trade deals! People trade knowledge in exchange for ownership in companies or the use of a rental car fleet for prime advertising in the 2016 Rio Olympics! We could go on and on…

Rich or Poor Sign Bartering

Our mindset about money, time, and what we consider normal will have to adjust to make bartering work in 2018 and beyond. First of all, there is nothing wrong with someone less fortunate that’s bartering, people in other countries do it all the time. You’ll find bartering and haggling are customary and a part of local customs when traveling abroad.

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There’s a high likelihood that your opinion of bartering or trading has come from the images portrayed of those individuals on TV like the Barter Kings or people who are poor and in need or maybe the guy that will wash your car windows for a cup of coffee!

Be honest, when you think of barter do you envision Yachts, Exotic Vacations, Luxurious Homes filled with bottles of Brunello di Montalcino? Or do you see the guy asking you do you want some designer perfume (bootleg of course) when you come out of the Quicktrip?

Wine Cellar BarterScoop

600k Business Participate In Barter

You might be surprised to know that over 600k…yep six hundred thousand + BUSINESSES barter in the United States alone! Are you one of them? My guess is NO…fyi there about 30 million total businesses in the US and about 100 million worldwide.

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What if you could use your downtime, skills, excess inventory, unbooked service hours, sh#&^ in your garage, expert knowledge or whatever you had to trade for some things you want or are going to buy anyway. Would you do it?

Just like with anything else you always have to use caution, get agreements, attorney or whatever is appropriate for your sized transaction because ultimately doing a barter or trade deal is no different than cash. The IRS definitely sees it that way as well, so cover all of your bases..

Do Your Research

The first thing is to get past the illusion that bartering isn’t something worthwhile or that its only for certain people. Educate yourself and change your view on it by reading helpful information and articles on BarterScoop to see just how changing the way you think can help multiply your wealth.

Also, you’ll come across a ton of real-world examples on how other companies and individuals use bartering as an advantage every day. The example we used in the video above on BarterScoop is “Bartering For Poor People” regarding the Olympics dispels that myth. It’s one of tens of thousands of reasons why bartering work for the poor and the wealthy.

Our sole purpose was to get you to see that bartering is not for just people who are poor, it is for everyone! Those that will gain the biggest advantage will be those who study the benefits, tips, and strategies the most.

So from where you sit or stand right now, how do you view bartering?

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