Barter Markets In The Midlands

Barter markets are flourishing in the Midlands where small local groups are working together to put a strong emphasis on community. They believe that they have found the antidote to the fast life by gathering like-minded folks to form barter markets.

Sarah Derrett is one of the founders of the Midlands Barter Markets located in farming communities in South Africa. “I really dislike seeing waste – fallen fruit rotting on the ground or veggies thrown away.” says Derrett, “what is not valuable to one person might be useful to someone else, so bartering is the best way to share excess.”

The Barter Markets In the Midlands

The bartering markets in the Midlands started about two years ago, and now locals meet several times a month in different parts of the area to barter and trade. They typically have swaps the first Saturday of the month in Lidgetton, Dargle, Hilton, Howick and Curry’s Post.

You will find the market bustling with locals swapping items such as home-made bread for children clothing. Yoga classes for homemade baked goods, heirloom seeds, pesticide-free organic fruit, local small-scale green-range grass-fed meat, books, clothes and more.

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While some are a little skeptical about the bartering concept, they soon get the hang of it and love the fact that they go home with a basket full of goodies without spending a cent.

The markets are also big advocates for promoting green living. “Building resilient communities is the best defense against the terrors of climate change. Reducing food miles, wasteful packaging and all the excesses of commercial production is essential,” Brighton said.

Bartering is here to stay

Kita van Nieuvenhuizen’s says “There is nothing quite like giving and receiving. The barters are a bit like Christmas actually – a beautiful, abundant Christmas that comes around more and more often.

Paula Usher also added that the market is the best idea ever and has started her own veggie patch and can’t wait to start sharing!

Bartering has always been apart of the South African Economy. Some people turn to it because of abundance, and others use it because of necessity. With the help of Facebook and other trading platforms, places like the Midland Barter Markets are becoming more popular in today’s economy.

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